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How to boost immunity in children

Children, particularly those in their initial formative years are extremely delicate and fragile. One small thing which their body does not accept or have tolerance immediately shows on their health.  Like for instance, they may develop some allergies, fall sick, are in general weak, suffer from cough and cold frequently etc and so on. Hence, parents need to be extra careful towards their children in order to ensure that their kids don’t fall sick and that their immunity also gets a boost. This post will help understand some of the ways and means by which you can help build or improve your child’s immunity.

Allow him or her to sleep more

You will not believe this, but one sure shot way by which you can improve your child’s immunity is to allow him or her to take a long nap. This is because when your body is resting or asleep your body carries out the necessary repair work of your muscles and bones and makes them stronger. This process will not take place of your little one does not sleep at all thereby making him prone to endless illnesses and diseases and that too, at such an early age! So encourage him or her to sleep more.

Breastfeed as much as possible

We all know how beneficial breast milk is, right? But various research studies have time and again pointed out that breast milk also contains in itself useful bacteria which help in providing nourishment to the baby by making him or her more resistant to infections and illnesses easily. No wonder why medical practitioners always suggest mothers to continue breastfeeding even after the first six months of the baby are complete.

Encourage them to play outdoor games

Allow and motivate your kid to play some sport. By engaging your kid in any physical activity, you allow the body including all the muscles and bones to grow stronger and accept infections without surrendering to them. Also, it boosts up their natural immunity. Hence, enroll your kid for sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball etc and help them build their immune system.

Maintain hygienic settings

Another potential reason why kids can become prone to illnesses and infections is due to unhealthy or unhygienic surroundings. Make sure that the house and all the interiors are in clean and tidy conditions at all times.

Give your kid a healthy and happy meal

No, we are not referring to the meal you get at Mcdonalds but homemade meal which is healthy as well as tasty. Inculcate in your child the habit of having green leafy vegetables, sprouts, lentils, freshly prepare soups, cereals and pulses etc. Apart from this, you can even start encouraging him to have different and fresh fruits as well. If your kid consumes all these healthy foods, then there is no possibility of any infection coming even close to him or her.


Include dairy as well

Children from a very young age must be inculcated with the habit of consuming dairy products in adequate quantities. Dairy includes milk and milk products including yoghurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, butter etc as these products will supply them with calcium and proteins in adequate quantities keeping in mind their increasing nutritional requirements.

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Very few people age gracefully. Rest of the population grows with complications and diseases after the age of 30. We know that people tend to get unhealthy and sick after they cross 30 as the bones, muscles, digestive system, immune system etc. are not as healthy as they used to be. Once the bar of 30 is crossed, one must get serious about one’s health. A routine checkup can be of immense help to stay carefree and take precautions before it’s too late.


Mandatory Test after 30

Cholesterol Test: The more is the cholesterol, the more we tend to get bulkier and unhealthy. This test is topping the chart of tests that need to be done by everyone. Slim and fit is the mantra to lead a healthy life. With the aid of this test, you are in control of the heart diseases which are likely to attack you. As there are no prominent symptoms of high cholesterol, getting a test done is the most feasible way.

Blood Pressure Test: As high blood pressure has a serious effect on heart and kidney, a test of blood pressure is a must. With the hectic lifestyle and food habit, people have gotten more prone to high blood pressure. Keep a check and stay safe.

Breast Examination: Off late, many women are detected with breast cancer and after 30 women are more vulnerable to cancer. Getting a routine screening of the breasts can be a better option. Apart from a physical examination by a gynaecologist,  there is a simple X-ray of each of the breasts and the process is called mammogram. This test is recommended as the detection is quicker and immediate steps can be taken if diagnosed positive without delaying the stage. After all, it is known to all how deadly and life threating the term Cancer is.

Thyroid Test: Thyroid test is done to check if there is any problem in the thyroid gland. This test should be done after 30 to check if the gland is in proper function and not creating any health related issues like weight gain, periods, constipation, weight loss and much more. After 30, males and females start putting on weight owing to the responsibilities taking over priorities of health. Getting this test done can release the stress of people especially women who are phobic to put on weight.

Diabetes Test: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are quite common these days. These tests are mandatory to keep a check of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and even heart disease. Regular diabetes tests such as HBA1C and blood sugar can keep a heck on one’s blood sugar level. HBA1c is a very good indicator of an average of 2-3 month of sugar level in your body. Many times it can tell you if you are in a pre-diabetic stage where you can still avoid diabetes through simple lifestyle changes without having to take any medicines before its too late.

Liver Test: A regular check of liver once every 6 months is highly recommended to those who love to drink alcohol. A simple blood test is good enough to indicate your liver’s overall health especially to rule out any possible effect of alcohol on liver, which is the number one cause of liver serosis. One can also get an ultrasound of abdomen to detect a fatty liver or possible kidney stones. If detected early liver serosis can be completely avoided and even reversed, as we know our liver is self-healing, all it needs are just some simple changes in lifestyle.

These are the important tests that need to be undertaken regularly for staying away from diseases. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is not suitable because the apple might not be as natural as they used to be. One thing is for sure “Regular tests a year can keep the diseases away”.

Health can’t be compromised with any luxuries in the world because, without health, no other luxury holds any meaning. Live life to the fullest and prioritize your luxury that is health before it is late. A healthy body is a food for the healthy mind too. It is time to beat the reasons of unhealthy life. It’s your life, own it!


Depression is a state of mind that travels to an unhealthy and obnoxious way of leading a lifestyle. A person going through this needs help in every way possible from the closed relations. By help, if you stick to offering your shoulder to let the person shed tears, then it is a myth. You have to be ready for more than that as they need constant support and encouragement. It won’t be a task easily doable; it demands to understand and acting accordingly. There are proven ways to help a depressed person.

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Five proven ways to help one in depression

There can be many reasons for depression; life, career, health and genetic.

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Share Success Stories: Depression is a mental condition that needs the attention of the people living with the person going through it. Depressed people like to float in their small world of thoughts. Spend time with the person and share success stories of your life or maybe lives of others who have eventually come out of such situations. This can be inspiring.

Be all ears: A person going through depression likes to be heard. If you be all ears and spend some of your valuable time with the person, the person tends to feel important. This feeling of importance is a great way in helping one in depression. A good laugh with them can be positive in all aspects.

Stay Positive: Helping a person out who is depressed can take a toll on you as their behavior is unpredictable and you need to be ready for anything that comes your way. As a result, you might lose on your self-confidence. It is, therefore, imperative that you are keeping your mind positive and ready for helping the person. Your positivity should get transferred to the person in need. It shouldn’t be the other way around. Be in constant touch through social media platforms and share funny and motivational videos on WhatsApp, Facebook and get the person involved in social media groups if any.

Get the person encouraged to get into social work: Helping the needy has an amazing feeling that people can dive into and come out fresh. With such shift in focus from the negativity around the person, he or she will be motivated towards the next day and gradually reduce the level of depression that one is going through.

Help them identify their Core Strengths: Strengths can build the mind-power that no one can challenge. A person with depression hovering around can pull down a person from high to low and that can be really difficult in changing the thought process of the person. Spend time and help them identify their strengths. With this, they will have high self-esteem will more to do with life. Strengths are the keys to open the doors of weakness that can be killing every day.

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Doing these small tasks for the ones you love can mean the world to them. You will see a gradual change in them, getting over the depression in subtle ways. You will be happier than them, trust me!

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